Does the holy spirit move upon the word which you speak?

saints of god, let me remind you of the purpose of the gospel i teach and preach: the purpose of my teaching is to help people develop a greater insight and understanding into the word of god. my teaching and preaching of the gospel does not contingent upon human tradition/ origin / ideas. it comes from the revelation of jesus christ. you may wonder why my teaching and preaching does not contingent upon human tradition/ origin because the bible boldly declared that if the teaching of the apostles them were base on human origin it will fail; but if it is from god you will not be able to stop these men. ( acts 5:38-39; galatians 1:11-20; acts 26:24-32) therefore let us return to the command of the almighty god and let him confirm his word in your heart. we are looking forward for the holy spirit to move upon his word which you are speaking daily to perform it. (jeremiah 1:11-12)